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Chimney Relining

According to the NFPA, a chimney must be able to contain and safely vent all the by-products of combustion. If, through an inspection, a chimney is found to have defects, a relining system is highly recommended. A Sweep Above The Rest uses stainless steel chimney liners that come with lifetime warranties. Warranties are transferable with the sale of the house. The lining systems are all UL listed and tested and are recognized and accepted by insurance adjusters and fire marshals.

Chimney ReliningWhen chimneys get old or are not maintained properly they can deteriorate and create hazardous conditions. Cracked tiles and deteriorating masonry can allow hazardous gases or even fire to enter your house. In order to remedy these situations there are two things that can be done. The entire existing chimney can be torn down and rebuilt, or you can reline your chimney with a stainless steel or aluminum insert. To tear down and rebuild a chimney is not a small job. It’s very labor intensive and can cost quite a bit of money. Sometimes it can be next to impossible, for example if the chimney runs up through the center of the house. The easiest and most cost effective way to repair a chimney is to reline it with a flexible chimney liner.