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Chimney Sweeping
We service all residential and commercial chimneys, regardless of the type of fuel burned. We have the ability to remove even the toughest deposits by either mechanical or chemical means.

Chimney Inspections
A Sweep Above The Rest offers the latest in closed circuit video inspections. The cameras detail can pick up damage done to the inside of a flue, which may occur due to a chimney fire or improper building practices. This is system is recognized and accepted by insurance adjusters, building inspectors, and fire marshals.
Chimney Relining
According to the NFPA, a chimney must be able to contain and safely vent all the by-products of combustion. If, through an inspection, a chimney is found to have defects, a relining system is highly recommended. A Sweep Above The Rest uses stainless steel chimney liners that come with lifetime warranties.
Fireplace Dampers
We install top-mounted fireplace dampers that work better than traditional throat dampers. They can also double as a chimney cap.
Woodstove Installations
A Sweep Above The Rest can install woodstoves to accommodate almost any situation.
Masonry Repairs
A Sweep Above The Rest offers minor masonry repair services, saving the customer from having to hire a mason.
There are 3 ways water can penetrate a chimney and cause damage, the obvious one is straight down an uncapped flue.